5 Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Today, it is easier than ever to enjoy in the comfort of our own home what the outside world has to offer. We can watch our favorite movies, we can make our weekly supply installed comfortably on the couch and we can order dinner at our favorite restaurant, which delivers it directly to our door.

As we pay more and more goods and services online, we want to make sure we do it safely. Visa and partner banks work closely together to ensure the security of payments, using multiple levels of security to prevent fraud, protect the cardholder’s data and help them recover their money if someone uses their card without their permission.

Here are some tips from VISA for safe online shopping:

Use a secure, fast and easy way to identify yourself: Under the new European regulations, banks will start asking for more credentials when we pay online, to ensure that payment is made by the cardholder and not by a criminal. . If you have this option, set biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprinting or facial recognition, on your phones and in banking applications. They offer fast authentication and improve the payment experience.

Search for “s” : when paying online, check the URL to make sure it starts with “https: //”. “s” at the end indicates a secure connection.

Activate alerts – activating the alert service provided by your card issuer will help you see every time a payment is made from your account. Report to your card issuer if you notice any unusual payments that you do not think you have made. The regulations in force can help you recover your money if someone else fraudulently used your card.

Familiarize yourself with how to contest card transactions– This is a way for your bank to recover money from a merchant’s bank when you do not receive the goods or services you paid for online with your Visa card, including if a merchant ceases business. Some examples to better understand when a card transaction can be challenged: if a flight you paid for with a Visa card was canceled because the airline can no longer provide the service and will not propose an alternative solution for the future. or if the T-shirt you ordered is too small and the store does not want to receive it back. If you have not been successful in direct discussions with the merchant, or the tour operator or the insurance does not offer you alternative solutions for the respective plane ticket, you can try to ask your bank to recover the money through the option to contest the respective transaction. It is good to know that this facility exists, and Visa card issuers have all the information to make the correct assessment of specific situations.

Beware of phishing attempts – Beware of unsolicited and suspicious emails or phone calls. Their senders may try to steal personal information, such as your account or card number, username, passwords, etc. If you have suspicions, do not click on links and do not download files.